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Allow us to tell you why our clients chose Sales Pro.

  • Simple To Use

    You don’t need a tutorial on how to use it. It takes only 10 minutes to show your salesperson on how to use Sales Pro, and this makes implementation a breeze when someone new joins. The navigation is very intuitive and simple. Anything is just a simple click. Managers and Sales Coordinators also need very little training to manage teams and get reports.

    Takes Little Time

    Updating your customer information, opportunities and activity takes very little time because Sales Pro asks you only what is essential to help you sell more and close faster. Once you input new customers and opportunities, it takes very little time each day to update the daily activity and opportunity status. Many solutions fail as they take too much time to update with details that have little impact on higher sales. Sales Pro only focuses on details that impact sales.

  • Tells you only what you need to know

    Sales Pro is so concise that you get to know only what you need without the frills and unwanted features. Let’s you focus on the essential to manage teams better. A sales manager needs to know the pipeline with all its movement, needs to know where sales effort is being put and needs to know actual billing. Sales Pro provides all this information in a dashboard view as well as individual reports with summary and detail views.

    Tells you what’s not happening

    Sales Pro is intelligent enough to tell you what’s not happening. We believe that you may not have the time to watch the exceptions, and hence we have reports to alert on ignored opportunities, neglected customers, and missed activity. You can monitor these exceptions and take corrective measures quickly.

SalesPro works because it was designed and developed by a real company with real people producing really amazing results.

What Not to Expect from Sales Pro

  • Sales Pro is not a CRM. The scope is restricted to the Sales Cycle from Lead to Closure, and for a reason.

    Sales Pro does have features to help you get a complete customer overview including past opportunities, activities, contact persons, and even a comprehensive company dossier, but it does not take into account after-sales.

  • Many businesses looking for Sales Management tools confuse it with a CRM tool that is much wider in scope and hence needs a much deeper implementation. A CRM is a complete life-cycle management of a customer, while a Sales Management Tool focusses only on pipeline management.

    Sales Pro is a focused application that helps your sales team deliver numbers.
    It is a tool for companies with field sales teams that are required to spend time in front of customers. It is not a tool for Inside-Sales that largely works on phone and email.