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We are not just a development company but also act as consultants
for feasibility, market analysis, UI design & promotion.

The advent of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has added a new dimension not just for enterprise applications but also for innovative consumer applications.

emQube started offering services to its customers for extending the reach of their enterprise applications to mobile devices and has rapidly made forays into consumer space by developing apps that make life easier.

Our expertise in mobile app domain is continuously growing and we offer native (iOS, jelly beans, windows ME) as well as adaptive technologies (Sencha, PhoneGap) for mobile application development on both Apple and Android devices.

We can build apps for enterprise applications, retail promotion, life-style, entertainment, healthcare, finance, or any innovative start-up idea.

We do expect that you have given it serious thought before contacting us.

or Hybrid,
Which Way
to go?

Which Way to go ?

The most popular smartphone operating systems are the iOS (Apple), Android (Google), Windows (Microsoft), and Blackberry (RIM). People planning an app are faced with the challenge of spending money to build apps that work with the most popular devices.

Apple has a great market share but the iOS app works only on Apple devices. On the other hand the Android app works on all devices that support the Android operating system and by far the most popular company is Samsung. Other mobile OS like windows and blackberry are trailing far behind.

With a limited budget you have to know the target audience for your app and decide accordingly. Apple devices are expensive as compared to Android devices and that is one indicator for choosing. Blackberry is more popular with business and email corporate users and if your target is for them then you have to weigh that in.

In order to answer this dilemma recent technological advances afford another approach that allows to develop a common app that runs across different devices, but perhaps not so smoothly.

Here are the four major development platforms that may help you to decide your way forward.


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