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HNI Client Management

HNI Client Management


Private Investments Company


HNI Customer Portal

Key Benefits

  • Single point of reference for all stake-holders
  • Cloud based repository of documents and statements
  • Commissions Computation and Payout for consultants
  • net-project
  • Webserver IIS 7.0
  • JQuery
  • c#
  • ajax
  • sql-server
  • Telerik
  • Gembox


Client is an investment company managing the investment portfolio of High Net-worth Individuals (HNI) in the Middle East.

The company acquires customers through its team of consultants who are paid an incentive throughout the life-cycle of the client.

The investment funds of the customers are parked in a banking account controlled by the company and are invested in different instruments in consultation with the client.

At the end of each month the company posts the statement of accounts to its clients and also handles fund transfer requests.


emQube developed and deployed a solution that automates the entire client management operations including acquisition, documentation, monthly reports and fund withdrawals requests.

The application also manages the computation and payout of incentives to the consultants under the supervision of Area Managers.
The application is accessible by consultants to introduce new clients, complete documentation and store them online. On approval of the new client and on receipt of funds, the consultant’s incentive is computed and posted in their account.

The back-office updates each month the account balances of the client under different investment accounts and stores the statement onsite which is also mailed to the customers.

Clients can access their investment statements for each month as also their personal documents. Clients can also make a request for fund withdrawal through the online system after proper authorization.

The application’s key features:

  • Customer Complete Information
  • Customer Regulatory Documentation
  • Consultant’s Incentive Computation and Payout
  • Account Balances for different investment accounts
  • Funds Withdrawal Requests
  • Client approvals and suspension


Full automation of operations providing 24/7 visibility to clients, area managers and consultants. It reduced the time for sending monthly statements and answering customer queries. Also allows clients to review statement archives.

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