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Provea S.A., Switzerland


Web application for e-commerce and e-service.

Key Benefits

  • Increased business revenue
  • Faster customer service response
  • Lower cost of customer service


  • net-project
  • c#
  • SQL Server
  • CSS3
  • javascript


Provea S.A. is a mail-order company that offers multiple brands of undergarments for women and men. The company offers a subscription model where customers sign up to receive periodic merchandise containing the latest lingerie marketed by the company.

The company operates in 13 countries and solicits customers through a subscription model with an initial attractive price with the option to take successive deliveries at regular prices. The traditional method of sales is through leaflets circulated in magazines.

The company runs call centres in different countries to manage customer requests and resolve customer issues. The company was growing at an amazing speed were unable to upgrade customer service infrastructure to meet the demand at economic costs. A web portal was required to take off the load from customer service centres and put it on the internet.


A comprehensive web application manages the subscription as well as the customer service requirements of the company. The application works in real time with the company legacy system through a web service to retrieve customer information and transmit customer orders and requests.

The application uses Microsoft Language Resource files to switch the language based on IP recognition and user preferences.
An administrative section of the site allows content managers to upload new offers and make language changes as required. The reporting module provides a wide range of reports relating to sale, user activity and customer service transactions. The offers are setup using real-time data from the legacy system that is in use for manual orders.

Key features

  • Multi Language Support
  • Extensive Web Service Integration
  • Support for Cyrillic Characters
  • Banner Advertising


The application is built on Microsoft technologies. The site is in production since 2004 and has not experience a single crash. The current release is Ver 4.0. Presently there are 450,000 transactions per month on the site.

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