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Customized laundry Software


Software Systems for Laundry Operations

Key Benefits

  • Single solution with multiple user interface channels
  • Real time communication of data across multiple platforms
  • Integrated payment system
  • MIS Reporting


  • Webserver IIS 7.0
  • JQuery
  • SQL2012
  • Gembox
  • net-project
  • Entity Framework
  • Excel
  • JQuery
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • javascript
  • Network Internal Payment Gateway (Web and Kiosk)
  • Gandner & Passtech locker
  • Kiosk


We have built two systems for the laundry industry.

The first system is an integrated system that services customers through locker systems with a web interface. The software system controls the lockers placed in building premises for customers to deposit dirty laundry in lockers and pick up clean and pressed laundry a day later from the same lockers.

emQube developed the initial system including the laundry operations that manage the movement of the laundry from pickup to tagging to delivery back to the locker. The client further enhanced the system. This is a proprietary system owned by the client and emQube role was only for the software development of the initial version. The handover was completed in 2013.

The second system is a back office for wholesale laundry to manage the data entry, billing and collection. It allows laundry back office to enter the daily load received from wholesale customer such as hotels, hospitals, gyms and corporate customers. It generates the monthly billing and keeps track of payment and outstanding. The system generates invoices and load sheets.

The reporting system provides not just the daily reports but also analysis of laundry performance giving management insights on revenue and customers.


The applications were developed on Microsoft ASP.Net and SQL database.

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