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Sales Pro is built for Small and Medium Enterprises and pricing is based on the number of sales-persons, hosting mode, and configuration support. Unlike other online solutions, we do not believe in Do-It-Yourself implementation. We help you understand and guide you for sustained implementation and use of the tool.


Our pricing is broken down into three elements:

  • Software License: Perpetual or Annual
  • Hosting Fee: Online hosting of application and database
  • Implementation: Configuration, Training, and Deployment

In Sales Pro, your data is hosted on a private server and it is not shared. It is your property. Hosting Client may decide to host it on their company server, or buy a cloud-hosting service from Azure, Amazon, or CoreIT Consulting Service.

We also offer an additional consulting service to train managers and salespeople on closing skills and optimal use of software tools. This includes monthly counseling and quarterly review of the implementation of the system.