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Sales Pro provides you all that you need to convert your pipeline

We built a software to keep your team on their toes to success with little effort and quick reporting.


Key Features

Sales Pro provides you all that you need to convert your pipeline.
We built software to keep your team on their toes to success with little effort and quick reporting.

  • daily activity

    Pipeline Stages

    Define your own pipeline stages and keep track of movement and stagnation.

  • daily activity

    Daily Activity Input

    A daily activity input sheet makes it easier to capture the daily activity of salespersons.

  • calendar

    Calendar Integration

    Executives can export their appointment to their Google/Outlook calendar.

  • revenue capture

    Revenue Capture

    Upload daily, weekly, or monthly excel files with sales data.

  • Customer list

    Restricted Access to Customer List

    Set the access rights to customers based on Public or Private and with sharing to specific users.

  • backup


    Download your complete data including customers, contacts, opportunities, and activities as an excel file. Your data is always portable.


  • Know your Pipeline

    Sales Pro tracks your pipeline from lead till closure. It allows you to set your stages during the active phase of the opportunity and has two closure stages of Win and Lost. You can ascribe reasons for the lost cases.

    You can manage your pipeline by Sales Group which may have multiple products. Your pipeline can be reported by a person and team as well. Pipeline reports are comprehensive to let you know the movement and neglect. The pipeline aging lets you know the opportunities that need extra attention or archival.

  • Close Leads Faster

    Sales managers can help salespeople close leads faster by monitoring their sales effort on the opportunity and its movement. Timely intervention with assisted calls can close hot opportunities faster as Sales Pro gives great visibility to managers.

  • Manage Your Sales Team

    Sales managers may run out of time with one-on-one reporting with their sales team. Sales Pro is online and can be remotely accessed at any time to review opportunities and sales activity. Sales Team review can happen on the phone by focussing only on opportunities that need attention and intervention.

    Planning calendar helps teams to schedule their meetings and provide visibility to their managers as well.

  • Reduce your Sales Effort

    The daily activity report highlights the effort put on customers and opportunities. Managers can help teams focus effort on hot opportunities and reduce sales efforts on doomed opportunities. Experienced managers can spot trends of activity behavior and mentor sales team to be more productive.

  • Know your Customers

    Sales Pro customer and contact directory is a comprehensive database of all companies and people met by salespersons. This database is centralized and stored online unlike earlier when they were in the individual card file of salespersons and most likely lost when the person moved out.

    The dossier in Sales Pro encourages to capture and record in-depth details of customers to explore new opportunities and grow existing business.

    The customer overview features gives the customer opportunity, activity, and billing history.

  • Monitor your KPIs

    Managing KPIs is a good management practice that results in higher sales at lower effort. Sales Pro has a set of KPIs that can help you manage your team better.

    Pipeline, Revenue, Closing Rate, Call Rate, Call Ratio, Ageing, help you keep a close tab on the team performance.

    Sales Pro allows you to set targets on a monthly or quarterly basis on each of the KPIs.