Why Restaurants Need Mobile Apps
August 22 2019 0 Comment

If you are a restaurant owner, a feature-rich mobile app can offer a benefit and helps you to expand your business. In business, you are told to “know your customer”, and this extends to understanding their behavior.

Almost three billion people are expected to use smartphones. Restaurant apps like Zomato, Foursquare, Swiggy, and Yelp have set new milestones of popularity and revenue.  A customer might not use your app every day, but as long as they have the app installed, they see your app icon almost every time they use their phone

But with so many competing brands, and the very large marketing budgets of corporations, neither brand awareness or top-of-mind awareness is easily achieved by small businesses.

A mobile app is available 24×7, your sales executive may not be. This is one of the biggest reasons why Restaurant is switching to mobile apps. With advanced tools available in the market, your app can also keep evolving with time and customer usage and find more users to make them aware of your business, any time of the day.

And in this article, we will look at 5 ways a mobile app can increase business in your restaurant.

  1. Grow Your Bookings – The Mobile app can help you increase the number of tokus making dents in your cushions each day.
  2. The Value in Loyalty – It’s rare to visit a business and not be asked for your loyalty card or encouraged to sign up for their loyalty program.
  3. Increase in Referrals – You can run a marketing campaign for your restaurant business to increase referrals.
  4. Easily menu – According to research conducted, 62% percent of customers are less likely to stop into your restaurant if they can’t easily see your menu on their mobile device.
  5. Click to Call – Beyond building ordering, reservations, and delivery directly into your app’s functionality, you can also add a click to call buttonfor customers with questions they’d like to have answered about the menu, reservation times, or location.

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