Why Native Mobile App Development is better?
August 08 2019 0 Comment

Should we go for Native or Hybrid mobile apps? This is one of the major question that arises for both company and developer. Native apps are smoother but hybrid are low in cost. Let’s find our why native mobile app development is better. 

Native Apps Have The Best Performance 

With native mobile app development, the app is created and optimized for a specific platform. As a result, the app demonstrates an extremely high level of performance. Native apps are very fast and responsive because they are built for that specific platform and are compiled using platforms core programming language and APIs. As a result, the app is much more efficient. The device stores the app allowing the software to leverage the device’s processing speed. As users navigate through a native mobile app, the contents and visual elements are already stored on their phone which means load times are quick. 

Native Apps Are More Secure 

Web apps rely on different browsers and underlying technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS. Developing a native mobile app is a great way to guarantee your users reliable data protection. 

Native Apps Are More Interactive And Intuitive 

Native mobile apps run much smoother regarding user input and output. These types of apps inherit their devices’ OS interfaces, making them look and feel like an integrated part of the device. 

Native Apps Allow Developers to Access the Full Feature Set of Devices 

Native apps are developed for their particular platform, taking full advantage of the software and the operating systems’ features. These apps can directly access the hardware of the device such as the GPS, camera, microphone, etc. so they are faster in execution, which ultimately results in better user experience. Push notifications are another huge advantage to choosing native app development. Push notifications go through the iOS server (APNS) which you need your app bundle ID and same with Google’s Cloud Messaging (GCM). 


Native App Development Tends to Have Fewer Bugs During Development 

It’s much more difficult to maintain two different applications in one codebase than it is two applications in two codebases. With native app development, you have fewer dependencies for bugs to occur because you’re not relying on a cross-platform tool such as Xamarin or Cordova. Hybrid apps access hardware through a bridge which often slows development down and can amount to a frustrating user experience. 


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