What are some good resources to learn Swift?
August 05 2019 0 Comment

Learning mobile app development is not as difficult as it first appears. You can learn with some self-help. Working at Emqube in Dubai mobile app development team has given me a lot of opportunity to learn about app development. Here are some good places to start learning Swift:

  1. The Swift Programming Language by Apple: This book covers the Swift syntax. It’s also available online for people who prefer using their Web Browser.
  2. Developing iOS 9 Apps with Swift by Stanford: This is an iTunes U course taught by Paul Hegarty, he worked at NeXT with Steve Jobs. He teaches you how to build a few apps with Swift.
  3. Ray Wenderlich: This site has a huge team of talented people who make tutorials for a range of programmer levels. The free tutorials are more than enough to get started with. There’s also books and subscription-only tutorials.
  4. Design+Code by Meng To: He packs a considerable amount of material in his book. Meng teaches how to build an app from scratch using Xcode, Sketch, Swift, Spring Animation Library and more. He regularly updates the book with new material without charging previous purchasers.
  5. Swift By Example by Brett Bukowski: This site helps you learn Swift Syntax by providing explanations for code in a simple side by side view.