Video Marketing: A New Normal
February 07 2021 0 Comment

Video marketing strategy has become popular on every social media channel. This is primarily because moving content intrigues and captures the viewer’s attention faster, in contrast to static imagery or text. Videos can be both informative and entertaining, which is a major reason video content has easily overtaken other forms of content in terms of user engagement.

A well-designed persuasive video upload on the right platform can fetch a large viewership rate. While most videos are quick to get users’ attention, it takes a splendid and easy-to-relate video to compel viewers to subscribe to your channel or buy your product. Many companies are approaching professional agencies for video marketing services because these agencies have the tools, experience, and technical expertise to guarantee results.

emQube has a team for creating content for video marketing and we share with you the numerous video options, along with useful tips to optimize your video marketing strategy.

  • Demo Videos are tutorial videos that demonstrate how to use your product, its salient features with instructions on product storage and maintenance.
  • Transformational Videos depict a transition story of a person struggling with a problem and the way his his/her life improved after using your product. These videos motivate the audience to buy your product or service.
  • Event Videos are a highlight reel of your corporate events, seminars, conference, round table discussions, fun-filled celebrations, or another type of event.
  • Corporate Videos are an awareness campaigns that showcase the high-level details such as the history of the company, key leaders, company culture, core values, brands and services.

  • Expert Videos are captures of interviews with experts or thought leaders in your industry. Hearing from the influencers in the industry are a wonderful way to build trust and authority with your target audience.
  • Testimonial Videos record customers giving a positive feedback about your product. Getting on camera advocates of your brand to recommend your product, is the best way to entice new customers into a buying decision.
  • Live Streaming enables real-time, behind-the-scenes view. They can be used to inform or make an announcement. Recording and broadcasting simultaneously— of events, interviews, presentations —allow interactions, rapid answers to comments from people around the world, which lead to higher engagement rate.

Tips to optimize your video marketing strategy

  • Appropriate Video Category – While designing videos, it is important to consider the demographics of your audience, their preferences, and the stage of product lifecycle you are in. The type of video you select should match the objective that you are looking for whether creating awareness of a new product or pushing sales of a matured product.
  • Accurate Video Placement – Posting your video on the right platform or channel can generate more conversions. Depending on the purpose, assess the right medium to post -on social media, YouTube, or embedded into the company’s landing page or product page.
  • Focus On Story, Not Selling – Creative direction in the form a story will much easily connect with your customers. Explainer videos that highlight the value-additions your brand provides are more likely to be viewed, than pure hard-selling videos that tend to get ignored.
  • Catchy Thumbnail Image– Use an eye-catchy video thumbnail, to attract the eyeballs of your audience and generate curiosity to play the video.
  • Proper Title and Tags – The video title has to be brief, direct, compelling and it must let your viewers exactly know what the video is all about. Include keywords and descriptive content to bring up your content on the search. Use popular tags to land you more views.
  • Clickable Links– Another conversion technique is adding links to enhance the user’s browsing experience. Through live link settings on YouTube, you can add clickable hotspots inside the video that redirect them to the website or product page.
  • Hire A Professional -Hire an experienced digital marketing agency that has the technical expertise to create exceptional videos. Their full-service design and production directors take care of all nuances, from design to delivery, for a super-engaging video.

Hope this article encourages your company to invest in this very cost-effective way to build your brand and generate leads. Reach out to our expertise in video-marketing and send your queries to