The Power of Blogs on Business Websites
November 29 2020 0 Comment

Blogging platforms were earlier used by people to write their opinions on a variety of topics. In recent years, businesses have recognized the importance of blogs for digital success. Companies have realized that they must provide additional value to their customer base, to remain competitive in the digital landscape.

Blogging has become an attractive marketing tool with a low entry-barrier and a tangible payoff. Blogs continue to drive readers to company websites, sell their services in a subtle way and convert readers into prospective customers.

There are several convincing reasons why businesses should add a blog to their website.

1. Showcase your business expertise

The first-place customers flock when they need information about the company is their website. Customers would be impressed with a well-designed website that has rich content and presents the information they are looking for.

Furthermore, by adding informative blogs you can arouse customer’s interest in your products or services. You can gain the respect of customers through thought leadership articles and demonstrate your expertise in the business field.

2. Grow your customer database

Engaging blog posts with well-crafted call to action (CTA) can push casual readers to sign up for post updates, contact you for a consultation, or even purchase a product.

Your database will increase as readers sign up and new blogs can be directly emailed to them. This can help to keep customers abreast of any new products and technological advancements.

3. Effective customer service platforms

Well-written blogs can address common queries customers may have about your products, services, payment terms and delivery options, thus serving as an affordable and effective customer service platform. Blogs that allow comments can encourage interaction and strengthen consumer trust.

4. Powerful word-of-mouth marketing tool

Posting blogs with relevant content is an incredibly useful tool to increase traffic to your website and to your services. Blogs on trending topics such as fashion, fitness, hygiene, green technology, e-commerce immediately attract clicks. When consumers enjoy reading the blogs and find it thought-provoking and useful, they instantly share the blog link on various social media platforms, and the message reaches a wide customer base making this an influential word-of-mouth marketing tool.

5. Boost your SEO

Adding relevant blogs can improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking. The key to great keywords is to use the right words that people would type into Google’s search engine to find you. Anyone who wants to find a relocation company in UAE would use keywords such as ‘best moving company in UAE’. By identifying and using the right set of keywords in your blogs, the search engines will be able to recognize the content quickly and display your page in the front on the search results. Adding fresh content each week can help to keep rankings high.

6.Direct users to other website pages

An engrossing blog will lure customers onboard and redirect them to other website pages. A wise placement of inbound links in the blog can direct the traffic to your Facebook or Instagram page, product gallery or even get them to subscribe to your newsletter by filling in their details. This will help the business to grow their mailing lists.

7. Enriches social media content

In recent years, social media usage has seen a steep rise. Companies need to consistently provide fresh and creative content on their social media pages. Blogs make excellent material for these pages.

Blogs serve as vehicles for sharing important PR updates, to discuss current happenings in the industry and the services you deliver. Alternatively, this marketing tactic will drive traffic back to your website.

An eye-catchy image, intriguing caption and a link in the blog can compel the site visitor to read the blog and thus increase the customer engagement.

8. Affordable medium of marketing

Blogging is a highly affordable medium of marketing. The content created can be posted on wide social media platforms for awareness raising and promotional purposes. Blogs can be created to introduce new products launches, store openings and special events.

The cost-effectiveness is the most important reason why businesses have been convinced on the power of blogs.

The sooner you decide to start a steady stream of insightful content for your site visitors, the faster you can expect to see the benefits. If your website already has a blog, ensure you make it a hot spot for readers.

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