Rules for Writing
October 13 2020 0 Comment

Several rules apply to produce engaging content. A well-written article has two ingredients: good content and good technique.

Creativity, remaining relevant, omitting excess words that distract the reader are essential prerequisites of delivering an excellent piece of writing.

I outline the few essentials to keep in mind when you start writing an essay.

Preliminary research

Credible writing requires in-depth research on the essay you want to produce. Your opinion may be interesting but is seldom required in a well-constructed article.

Use facts (statistics) from viable resources to support arguments. Make sure you credit the sources used to avoid plagiarism.

Structure and message

Decide on your topic and whether you want the content to be informative, argumentative or other. Grab the attention of your reader with a catchy title and an interesting introduction. Begin your writing, making sure to use a “hook” of interest in your introduction.

Structure your content like an upside-down pyramid or cone. The most important messages go at the top of the page. Then, gradually drill down to the more specific information, citing supporting facts.

Use a writing style that is appropriate to your audience and avoid run-on sentences that confuse your audience. Wrap up your thoughts with a brief conclusion.

Use clear language

Make use of language that is accessible to your readers. Eliminate jargons, slang, similes and clichés that are difficult to understand.

A jargon such as ‘Let’s Touch Base’ may not go on well with everyone, instead ‘Let’s Get Together’ is an easy to understand sentence

This is a comfy sofa, the slang comfy is an informal shortening of comfortable and may not be known to many. Use sentences and words that connect well with the audience.

Be Objective

Depict information objectively with a graph, diagram or illustration; for example, attrition rate or sales figures over the years can be neatly presented in a table or graph. Utilize bullet points wherever necessary to emphasize key points.


A creative approach to your writing is more likely to keep your audience intrigued, than is the mundane. Lay down interesting lesser-known facts and involve a sense of humor in the content. Think critically about what interests your audience, and then present it in a way that holds their attention.

Be succinct

A reader’s attention span is generally short, so as a writer you need to keep your article concise. Have a word count limit to focus on the major points while eliminating fluff. In the process also try to reconstruct certain sentences with fewer words, without sacrificing the meaning.


In the end always proofread your writing to spot errors. Errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation can easily be overlooked, which is why repeated read-throughs are essential to spot amiss.

Learning to write well takes constant practice. Get someone to critique your work and offer feedback. Use a credible source for commentary, and then attempt to apply suggested changes to consistently advance your writing skills.

I hope you keep in mind these simple rules whenever you write. Set yourself apart by writing clearly and concisely, sure to engage your audience.

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