Push Notification in Mobile App Development
August 08 2019 0 Comment

Push Notification is a way of delivering information to mobile devices from an application without any requests from devices. The devices will receive push notification only if the user agreed to receive the notification during the launch of app.

What are the Best Push Notification Services?

The best push notification service available are

  1. Amazon SNS
  2. Urban Airship
  3. Firebase Cloud Messaging
  4. Accengage
  5. Push Woosh

Tips on How to Use Push Notifications Effectively?

Here are a few ways, you can use push notifications to your advantage.

1. The first thing to consider while integrating push notification services in your mobile app is to allow users to manage the frequency of push notifications in your mobile app. This will help you keep users from uninstalling your app.

2. The second and the most important thing to remember is to send only really important notifications. For example, sending a push notification about limited-time offers during a specific time span.

3. Lastly, as we stated before, avoid sending an abundance of push notifications. This will either make them turn off your app’s push notifications entirely or they’ll delete your application. So, it’s better to provide an option to enable notifications that users are interested in.