How to get more downloads for your mobile app in Dubai
August 06 2019 0 Comment

Startups and big businesses want to create apps for their innovative ideas, services and products. This is commonly seen in the industries in the UAE which is an innovation and business hub.

In the past few years, mobile apps have been changing our lives constantly. Because of their enormous usefulness and popularity, they are considered as significant opportunities for enterprises.

Numerous businesses jump on the same bandwagon of creating apps for their business but have no clue what do to with it later. This has become a common stature in the business field. After creation of the app comes promotion, which is an important step to have a successful app.

With a growing number of local apps being developed every month, many successful businesses and government services in Dubai have mastered the art of app development and promotion. In recent months new smartphone apps have launched, making even the simple things we do more efficient.

What do you need to do to promote and market your app, so that it becomes visible to your target audience? When we ask the client how the company plans to then market the app, we’re often faced with no answers. But don’t worry, we have the solutions for you.

For any company or start-up that has developed a new app and need to drive downloads, there are several options available.  For example, all the major social media platforms and AdWords allow you to target their user bases to promote mobile app marketing.  These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course Google, where you can also target users based on keyword searches.

Build a Mobile site and drive traffic to get users to download your app. Install Analytics and Mobile App tracking for your app to know how users engage with your app. Track your marketing app performance and optimize accordingly.

Hence a growing number of these local and international apps are here to make the lives of residents and visitors a lot simpler and efficient. Many Dubai residents will also agree that one of the big advantages to life in this city is having numerous services at your fingertips and a just a click away.

But make your life easier by choosing EmQube, we are just a click away and will provide you with expert opinions to make your app appreciate.

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