Popular Software for Start Ups
October 06 2021 0 Comment

A new business needs to think of automation from the word ‘Get-Go’ and with a wide range of software applications available online, novice entrepreneurs have it much easier than before.

A new company need not wait for maturity before investing in digital management systems because the pay-as-you-go software available online makes it very economical to automate business process from the very first day.

Here are our best recommendations for the best software for start-up businesses:

Email and Office Automation

Microsoft Office 365 is the best choice as it offers not just email but also a complete suite including Word, Excel , Power Point and OneDrive. Microsoft 365 Apps allow businesses to store, share files and access apps on several devices as well as automatically update new features.


Xero cloud-based accounting is not just easy for record keeping but also for reporting and analysis. It can also take care of your invoicing and payment reminders. Xero is in-built for strong account reconciliation, data imports, project tracking, and recording of daily sale and purchase transactions. Recent upgrades to its setup process and unlimited users for every plan solidify it as an excellent choice for small-to-mid-sized businesses.


QuickBooks is a popular technology enabled employee management software for small businesses. Its wide array of features and easy-to-use interface make compensation calculation, attendance tracking and payment processing easy. The software also includes an automatic tax filing setup, backed by tax penalty protection feature to resolve errors and reimburse penalty charges.

Sales and Marketing

For sales and marketing related tasks, Salesforce is a good choice for most, but for the more economical you have Zoho CRM and the more open source such as Sugar CRM. We strongly recommend something robust and popular such as HubSpot. A cloud-based CRM, HubSpot help align sales and marketing teams, foster sales enablement, boost ROI and optimize your inbound marketing strategy to generate more qualified leads.


Software to automate your core business operations are greatly dependent on your specific line of work. For almost all types of businesses there are software now available as a service with increasingly impressive customisation.

Over almost two decades EmQube has developed software best suited for small and medium sized enterprises. Here are a few that might work for your start up:

EmQube has a couple of software products that may not directly compete with the ones mentioned above, but are worthy of consideration for small and medium sized enterprises.

Sales Pro

An effective sales performance software, Sales Pro offers complete control on the full sales cycle and promotes active lead closure. The intelligent software draws user attention to holdups in the cycle to allow for quick and focused resolutions. For a start up swamped with loose ends, Sales Pro is handy in highlighting sales opportunities, customer queries and other activities that you might otherwise miss in the daily humdrum of business.

1-3-5 To Do Lists

For a startup, staying super organised is key. EmQube’s 135 priority-based task planner is a user-friendly software that helps you prioritise your daily to-do list. Breaking tasks into three categories – One Task to be completed without fail, Three tasks that are necessary to be done, Five tasks you can consider doing; the efficiently simple software also allows you to track the amount of time you spend on tasks. Managers can assign tasks to the team for a day, month or a year. Your team can plan, monitor and update the status of their tasks at anytime from anywhere keeping you aware of work progress at all times. Know More about this useful tool.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

An easy-to-use software, HRMS helps to record employee data, attendance, leaves and also simplifies salary processing and workforce management in one integrated platform. Its intelligent and intuitive features ensure accuracy of stored data and quick retrieval saving precious time and money on HR related tasks.

Project Management System (PMS)

The practical nature of our Project management software allows full control over projects and is well suited to software companies and IT Teams of large companies. Also known as Project Pro, the features of timesheets, effort analysis, bug tracker and software release control are easy to use, enabling efficient management of all your projects in one place.

Get the ultimate software for your organization to make everyday management much easier

At EmQube, a software development company in the UAE, all products are built in collaboration with real world experts having a vast experience in running successful teams. All our software packages are easy to use and inbuilt with innate intelligence to give users the desired results.

Based on your requirements, our software experts can help you develop software that’s easy to use and works for your specific line of business. We can also arrange a demo session for your entire team to explore the features of our software applications. Just give us a call on +9714 359 7279 or send an email to info@emqube.com to find out more.