Mobile UI Design Trends In 2019
August 19 2019 0 Comment

The design of digital products in mobile application development should focus on improving the user experience and meeting business goalsThis suggests that simple design with asymmetrical layouts, mobile-first approach and a special focus on page speed are likely to prevail. 


  • Boost user experience with in-app gestures

An important factor influencing user interface in mobile application trends in 2019 is clean edge-less screen design that’s been in the limelight since 2018 and is likely to become trendy in 2019 too. Recent releases of button-less products from Google, Samsung, and Apple will force mobile app designers to re-think their future designs. 

You can benefit from a button-less screen by adding simple animations based on the gesture needed to perform a task. 


  • Face ID

Face ID is another noteworthy addition and among the hottest trends of 2018 which will surely transition in 2019. While it’s primarily known for enabling the user to unlock their phone, designers also started incorporating this technology into mobile apps too. Do you remember all your passwords – with face ID, there’s no need to.? 


  • Motion: Video and Animation

The ability to maintain focus has improved over time, but the audience has become more selective in the content they choose to consume. According to 2018 State of Attention Report, the use of animated visuals is effective in keeping the audience engaged. 


  • Chatbots and conversational design

Picture this: your prospective customer is about to make a purchase but needs your help. It might be quite difficult for a user to find the “Contact us” button. Moreover, waiting for the answer from customer service can easily become a major barrier to a sale. A good conversational design which takes advantage of artificial intelligence can seriously help convert visitors into customers. 


  • Augmented reality in UI design

2019 will require thinking outside the box, or rather, the grid. Your user interface might not be fixed to a screen anymore. Using augmented reality, mobile app designers emphasize interactions with the real world. 


  • Neutral interfaces and content-focused experiences

Graphic designers tend to strip away all decorative elements and direct the user’s attention towards content. This decreases the mobile app’s complexity and makes the user interface almost invisible. Content-first layouts help users consume the content without being distracted. 


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