Mobile App to track kids – Beware
August 14 2019 0 Comment

Mobile apps can help locate your child in case of an emergency or prevent them from frequenting out-of-bound places.

You can track  your children when they are not in school. Buy a smartphone that has a built-in GPS (most smart phone have one).  Download a mobile app from the iOS or Android family depending on the phone used by your kid.

Enable the tracking feature and then sit back and relax. Next time you get worried about your kid’s whereabouts, just check their location on the map.

Both Android and Iphone have their own version for tracking the smartphone and this can effectively give you the functionality that you need to track their phone.

However some third-party apps are available that also provide the same functionality in a little easier manner.

But you do need to worry about the tracking by the app company themselves, as some of your data may be routed through their server. So carefully read the terms and conditions before enabling the app.  The last thing you want is some predator tracking your child.

Ever wish you could know where your child is, all the time? Using GPS in real time, the “Find My Kids” helps you keep track of and automatically locate where your child goes with his phone. If he’s traveling alone, you can confirm that he arrived at a specific destination, or if he’s meeting up with friends, they can confirm each other’s locations. Location info is never shared with anyone else beyond those who have permission to see it, and data is saved for later review. (Free to download, service requires a monthly fee; )

Family Tracker
Don’t just track the kids; track the whereabouts of the entire family! This app keeps tabs on anyone you like, but only if the other person accepts the one-time tracking request. The app uses a built-in messaging system, separate from standard text messaging, that allows you to contact family members and receive notifications that they read your messages. You even have the capability to get your kid’s attention by setting the device to “play a loud, annoying siren.” For each device you wish to track, you’ll need to buy the app separately.

There are apps that locate your children, but how about one that tells you how fast they’re driving? This app can do so by using the smartphone’s built-in GPS. Plus, the SecuraFences feature sends notifications if your child goes beyond a designated geographic area. Parents can view 90 days’ worth of map data using what the calls a “breadcrumb trail” and access reports that include addresses and a history of all the alerts sent by the app. All this is done in the background of your smartphone via GPS. (Free to download, services requires subscription.