Mobile App Development Training
August 08 2019 0 Comment

How to become a mobile app developer in Dubai is the question many young people have asked us at Emqube as we have been a leading app developer in Dubai.

In order to train to be a mobile app developer you must be firstly interested in this kind of development.   You may be an existing software developer and would like to move into the niche area of mobile app development, or you may be fresh out of college and looking for a career in mobile app development.  Here are a few avenues to try out:

Training Academy
Join a training academy to learn more about mobile app development. You can have theory as well as  hand-on training on mobile app development. Training academies are a good place to start as they give you the foundation for learning the basics and show you the path to move upto more advance training.

Online Courses

There is a plethora of online video tutorials on mobile app development that can help kickstart your journey in mobile applications development.  However, it is advised that you use established online sources such as Coursera and likes to use syllabus for structured training.  The online courses ensure that you cover the full scope of the subject. Online courses on mobile development also cost lesser than training academies and can also be done at your own pace from home.

Internships at a Mobile App Development Company

Another good option is to find an internship opportunity at a mobile app development company in Dubai. Getting a job without any experience or exposure may be a little hard, but with enthusiasm and passion you may find established mobile development companies in Dubai to give you an internship.  May such companies are looking for interns to help with existing projects as well as research projects.  It might be worth you time to interview with such companies and find an internship project.

Freelancing in Mobile App Development

As a freelance programmer you may find  your current customers and contact trusting you with some basic app development projects. Do these projects well and with online help and you may land a job where you can then show this experience to get a full-time job in mobile app development. Dubai is a good place to try out this free lance projects.

Hope this tips help  you to know more about mobile app development and help you start your career in this area. At emQube we are scouting for mobile app development projects and since we have good mobile app developer in our company we land good jobs. As a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, emQube offers quality work at competitive prices and our team is present in Dubai giving clients comfort and instant response.