Keeping your Family Happy can grow your Business
September 07 2022 0 Comment

Working an assignment late evening in the office, despite knowing your kid is waiting for you at home? Missed your son’s school annual day only because you ‘re hooked up on an urgent presentation to be made.

The ‘working parents’ guilt’ is so real and the dilemma most parents face is striking the right work-life balance. We are no superhumans to dedicate more time at office alongside balancing household responsibilities and managing kids. The last thing any parent wants is to achieve professional success at the expense of their family.

On the flipside, familial responsibilities shouldn’t be getting in the way of fulfilling official duties. Considering these aspects, here are ways to attend work, while keeping the family happy:

Make family time a priority

Repeatedly bringing work home can easily make the family bond fall out of place. Perhaps the most important thing a working parent can do is to prioritise family time and demarcate a fine line between work and home. After office hours, go on the Do Not Disturb mode to gift your kids your uninterrupted time.

No matter how busy you’re during weekdays, priority non-duty hours and weekends to allow your family to regroup and spend quality hours together. Dinner parties, long drives and outings are the best ways you’ll be able to catch up on what’s going on in your children’s lives, candidly converse and assure them of support. Even simple activity-based experiences could offer a much-needed relaxation feeling such as playing indoor games, watching movies or cooking dishes together.

Be all ears to their sayings

While spending time together, it’s also essential you devote full attention to what your kids have to say and understand them from their perspective. In the excitement and chatter of activities, you may possibly miss reading between the lines of what is being conveyed.

Infact, setting aside time to talk with each child will help you understand how they’re coping at school, who they’re hanging out with and their progress on assignments. Patient and empathetic listening can coax your child to express any issues or problems he/she is facing. You also send a loud message that they’re loved and viewed as a priority in your life and no matter how busy mom-dad are, they’re never too busy for their kids.

Make time for things that matter

Even though you’ve celebrated your child’s birthday in a grand manner, for them it’s the little, day-to-day care that really counts. Taking them to the doctor when ill, driving them to school or helping them with their project— these are often the most precious moments they’ll cherish in their growing up years.

Despite daily office errands, set aside time for preparing their favourite meals, dropping them to events or dinning together. Believe me this in no way can harm your career and you can attain professional success without personal regrets. While you’re busy finding ways to maintain an optimal balance, don’t forget to prioritise self-care; after all, if you’re happy and healthy, you’ll be able to devote your best self to your kids and your work.

Balancing work- life isn’t something that comes with a manual and there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all approach for all. Indeed, every job responsibility and family needs are unique, and no one knows better than the parents themselves of what their family priorities are. So, you decide what work best for you and your family and follow them through.