iOS App Development
August 06 2019 0 Comment

What is iOS App Development?

iOS applications are application run on iPhone, iPad, iPod devices. iOS developers can use tools from apple to develop the iOS applications.  The native iOS application can be programmed in Swift or Objective -C. The cross-platform tools used are React native, Xamarin or Ionic.

What are the requirements iOS developer?

A Mac computer with latest version of Xcode running is mandatory. The developers can use XCode, Visual Studio, Visual Code etc for the development. You need an apple developer account with for the provisioning profile to run the app on test devices.

How to prepare your native environment for development?

  1. Create Developer Account
  2. Create Certificates and provisioning profile
  3. Download Xcode
  4. Configure xcode with apple account certificate & profiles
  5. Launch Xcode and create a New Project
  6. Build and run your app using the built-in iOS Simulator or device registered with the profile

What is iOS App Deployment?

Once you have built, tested, and beta tested your iOS app, you can deploy to the App Store. For this you need to create an app and app profile in the iTunes Connect account. Create a build and upload it to iTunes connect and submit it for approval. Once the application is approved it will get listed in apple store