Insta Stories in an Instant World
March 02 2022 0 Comment

Is your business on Instagram? Do you want to take your followers on a fun adventure and portray the human side of your business?
If you want to derive maximum value for your business and brands, then start capitalizing on the best part of Instagram – Stories!

  • Instagram has 1,130 million users worldwide in 2021.
  • More than 500 million people use the Insta-Story feature every day.
  • Around 200 million businesses are on Instagram.
  • 4 million businesses advertise on Stories every month and 80% of Instagram users decide to buy a product or service.

If you’re not using Instagram Stories for your business, you could be missing out on a sea of opportunities…

One of the most trending features Instagram has introduced is Insta- Stories. A shared story is a step away from just carefully curated snapshots on your feed and presents a more authentic picture of what your business is truly like with ‘day in the life’ moments. It’s freedom, creativity and spontaneity in one go.

The feature allows Instagram users to post photos and videos to their Stories — visible to followers for 24 hours — giving 15 seconds-long glimpses of what’s on and happening. Denoted by a gradient circular border around the user’s profile picture, Insta-Stories are great fun tools to attract more followers, introduce your blog to readers, interact with your product, or just gain more influence.

Here are good reasons why your business should start using Insta-Stories:

Instant interactions and connections

Stories are a fantastic way to experiment and reveal your ideas in a creative way. It lets you get playful with limitless options to make your stories interactive, allowing you to add animations, emojis, gifs, polls, questions, gifs, hashtags and add an assortment of color effects. You also have leeway to draw and type on the image to complete your piece of art. When shared they entice your followers to interact and attract new viewers, turning into a powerful platform to build brand awareness, drive user engagement and boost sales.

Increased brand visibility

Adding a touch of playfulness and personality to your brand, Stories give you a unique chance to share ‘behind-the-scenes’ raw snapshots of your products, services, the team behind work, special moments or celebrations. From reminding followers about a seminar, you’re hosting to offering sneak peeks into product launches, these incredible inside scoops splash interesting, fun and colorful shades of your brand, attracting more viewership and inspiring new followers.

Generate more leads

For business to generate leads with Instagram Stories, you need to approach it with a marketing mindset that has both creativity and strategy. With billions of users on Instagram every day, captivating stories grab viewer attention right away. By staging an exclusive promotion or releasing teaser ads on new products or augmented services, you generate excitement or suspense in the moment luring your audiences to CTAs- with clickable links to your product pages or directing them to DM options.

Get immediate feedback

Instagram users are very active on the platform. If you want to know customer preferences or assess their inclination towards a new product or service, Insta-stories can fetch you honest feedback from the online community. All you need to do is create a carousel of posts using polls and question stickers with options to initiate responses and get instant results. This real-time marketing tool is the most obvious channel to gather valuable consumer insights and understand what they think by just asking a few engrossing queries about your products.

Looking to launch or optimize your Instagram Marketing Strategy?

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