How To Deploy iOS Enterprise App
August 19 2019 0 Comment

An iOS application can be distributed to a particular set of people using apple enterprise app deployment program. This is required when companies want to distribute an application among their employees, and they don’t want these applications to be available on app store.

The steps for iOS app enterprise deployment are:

  1. Enroll to apple enterprise program by creating an enterprise developer account
  2. Create the certificates and provisioning profile for distribution of the app
  3. Archive the .ipa file
  4. Create the plist/manifest file
  5. Create an index HTML file for browsing the application with a href tag with src “itms- services://?action=download-manifest&url=”
  6. Host the .ipa file, plist/manifest and HTML file in server
  7. To download the app, click on the index file html link and give necessary permissions from settings.

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