How to choose between Native or Hybrid Mobile App?
August 04 2019 0 Comment

A common challenge faced by both developers and business owners is – which should be choose? Should we build a native, mobile web or a hybrid application.

Let me tell you the difference between the three.

Native Apps: Native app are written in a programming language which is specific for that platform. For example java for android and C for iOS app. Native apps have smooth performance and rendering than mobile web or hybrid app.

Mobile Web: These are not mobile applications but websites which are created keeping in mind the screen resolution of a mobile phone. They maybe wrapped in a wrapper like cordova – phonegap. Performance of these apps are not so smooth but these apps are easy to develop comparatively and works on most of the platforms.

Hybrid apps: Just like mobile web, hybrid apps are wrapped in web-view inside a native app. So the native app has web-view in which the hybrid app runs. There are some frameworks which has their own compilers to support multiple platforms with a single source code. For example in ionic you can write one code source and then run the same on both android and iOS. Hybrid app reduces the development time and hence more affordable. The code re-usability is one major factor for growth in hybrid apps. The con is hybrid apps are not so smooth compare to native apps. The native libraries of phone like camera, network are accessed using 3rd party libraries.

Some common platforms to build a hybrid app are:

Appcelerator Titanium
Sencha Touch

So, which one should you choose? The answer depends on many other factors such as:
– Time available to develop the app
– Budget for the development
– How fast the app should performance?
– Code maintenance
– Required features

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