Grocery Apps in Dubai
August 13 2019 0 Comment

For grocery delivery in Dubai, these are the online apps it is a very accessible and convenient tool for people in their everyday lives. These apps are designed to make users lives easier. Rather than requesting on the telephone or shopping by walking, an ever-increasing number of individuals in Dubai are utilizing applications to search for goods and the business of ordering groceries through apps just keeps growing.

Instead, shop for groceries online as per your current requirement. You can place the order ’n’ number of times and get it delivered at your doorstep every time.

Some residents try to avoid leaving the house if possible, and good grocery apps in Dubai can help achieve that. Here are the grocery apps that you can use for grocery delivery in Dubai.


The Instashop Dubai app is simple to use – enter the address, then the app presents a number of supermarkets close to the location, select a preferred store, then select your products.

2. TROLLEY is another grocery delivery app in Dubai that caters to most residential areas and offers free delivery for orders of more than AED 100.


Another middleman app, El Grocer picks your nearest partner supermarket, allows you to choose your goods from an online selection, then your groceries will be delivered to your door in around an hour, depending on availability.


Carrefour, which is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the UAE, now has its own online delivery app, and, it’s multilingual – in English and Arabic. The app also lets users know about the latest offers and deals on at stores, and you can upload your MyClub loyalty card information to collect points and view vouchers.


If you are searching organic online groceries in Dubai m Down to Earth is the place check out. It is the first of the UAE-based organic brands to catch on to app-based delivery, allowing customers to log on and choose from their range of foods, cosmetics and hair care products.

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