Joy of Accomplishment with a 1-3-5 Task List
April 22 2022 0 Comment

‘I must complete task no 1 today. I will finish off task no.2, a long-pending project, over the next two days.’

Every morning each of us arrive at the office to accomplish a certain set of tasks in our mind for the day. Multi-tasking is an evident part of any job. But simply hoping from one task to another without a plan and worrying about the next set of tasks, may not let you pay attention or do justice to any of the tasks.

But is there an application to plan your work and work your plan in a systematic way?

Yes, a simple-to-use yet efficient software tool, the 1-3-5 TO DO is specifically designed to arrange your tasks in order of their importance each day. All you need to do is plot your tasks for the day, week or month and allot time as per significance or impact to get a snapshot of the tasks lined up. The best part is the app lets you tick the tasks done one by one giving you an innate joy of having accomplished all or most of it at the end of each day.

There are many benefits of using a day planner far beyond helping you remember your commitments or appointments. Let’s look at four key benefits.


Planning your day-to-day tasks in advance on a list helps you maintain focus on the tasks that matter the most. Your brain is now fixed on the tasks in a particular order, and you get more intentional on executing. Plus, your entire week is in-sync by simply moving onto the next set of planned tasks.

Importance and Dependency

Having an exact list of things to do in front of you each morning speeds up the execution process. This is because you are more aware of order of significance of each task, the time you can allocate and obtain a clear understanding on how one particular task is going to affect another.

Load balancing and scheduling

Now that you have a clear view of your workload for the day, you can schedule your chunks of work into timeslots. The general rule of thumb is to complete the high-priority tasks in the first half of the day when energy levels are at peak. Whereas all the repetitive and trivial tasks that involve less thought can be taken up post lunch or in the last hour of the workday.

Joy of accomplishment

Nothing beats the sense of satisfaction while ticking off tasks in your to-do list. As you glance through the checked off tasks, you realize how productive you have been over the day and the week. You get a feeling of joy and derive motivation to plan your next set of tasks. You’ll even enjoy your time away from work when you know you’ve finished important things on your plan.

With these promising benefits, I hope you make judicious use of the 1-3-5 planner to your heart’s contentment, so that you ‘Come Happy, and Go Happy’ to the office each day.

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