Creative Ways to Involve Customers in Your Content
December 17 2020 0 Comment

Customers are the heart of your establishment. They provide the revenue to keep your business running strong. Have you given thought on how your customers can be included in your content marketing strategy and how can they further contribute to grow your customer base?

Featuring customers in your content is a great way to get started. If this is something you haven’t yet explored, we encourage you to do so.

Shaping content ideas with your network of happy customers can assist with social selling and referrals. This tactic would spur the buying decision as word of mouth does influence peer groups. By spreading the word to the right audience, you can encourage new customer reach and bring in more business. Capitalize this aspect by incorporating more customers in your content marketing strategy.

Here are a few ways you could think of including customers in your content.

Customer Case Studies

Image Alignment 580x300

Image Alignment 580x300

A business website can have a rich collection of consumer case studies under a dedicated tab. Case studies provide the most compelling way to share inspiring stories with your audience. Cases could be based on how the solutions you offer have made customer’s life better.

Skillfully paint the picture of how your customer got from A to B—and how your reader can too! Putting the spotlight on the customer by narrating their story could be a good way to influence the purchase decision. This approach of transformation stories builds credibility and makes the reader visualize how they could benefit from your services—it even may spark new ways to utilize your products.

Open Your Blog to Customers

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Customer blogging is an excellent way to share a pool of knowledgeable reads. Each customer comes from distinct industries and they can new insights and tips. Your blog is a hotspot to share new ideas, perspectives and consumer stories. Open the platform for guest blogging and include some of your key customers in the editorial calendar.

Your customers may have an amazing piece of thought, useful tips or knowledge packed read to fill your blog. This renders a unique opportunity for customers to present their story and motivate readers to go in for better solutions. Be careful not to stuff your blog with too many products links as hardcore selling can turn off potential buyers.

Photo Sharing Contests

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User-generated content is gold on social media. Encourage your audience to take photos with your products, share them online and tag your business. You can devise some incentives to reward their participation such as a prize for the best picture or win a membership card. This method organically increases your online presence. Other ideas could be hosting a voting contest or photo tagging contest where customers tag as many of their contacts as possible.

Customer Quotes

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Customer satisfaction quotes by your delighted customers are probably the easiest and most persuasive way to involve our customers in the content production and set the pitch for potential buyers. The important aspect in peer-to-peer marketing is on deciding the message lines that will truly resonate with your audience.

Customer Videos

Recorded videos are another resourceful way to enrich your customer community online. Testimonials, mini-interviews and documentary style videos have been recently gaining popularity. It is plainly exciting for the audience to hear one among them express their honest opinions on your product/services. Having your clients explain why you are great instead of it coming from you, becomes more believable and relatable to your prospective clients. These impromptu series of videos featuring customers and takeaways is a fantastic way to document feedback and motivate the sales team as well.

There are countless ways to feature customers in your content marketing strategy, beyond the traditional press release. Furthermore, with the wide-spread adoption of technology there is enough leeway to get creative and try something bold and different. People are thrilled to view candid feedback in interesting ways. This forum offers a new level of trust, transparency and authenticity.

At emQube, our design and marketing team works closely with your firm to incorporate customer feedback, transformational stories, short interviews and consumer takeaways in the content. We get the real story out in the most ingenious manner to grab attention and create an impact on your prospective customers.

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