Apple’s App Store publishers earn more than Google Play store
August 12 2019 0 Comment

This is a story from the Sensor Tower blog that talks about the relative earnings of top publishers on Apple App Store vis-a-vis the Google Play Store.

The average earnings of top 100 publishes generated a total average of $130 million in the first quarter of 2019.  While App Store had a shar of $84 that of Google Play store was $51 which is 64% lesser.

From  Q1 2014 and 2019 analysis revealed that compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for both was in the range of 31% which is a sign of relief for Google

Average Revenue Per Top 100 App Publishers Q1 2019 Overall

The average consumer spend per top 100 publisher globally last quarter across both stores was 12.1 percent greater than in Q1 2018, when an estimated $116 million was spent. Last quarter’s $130.4 million average was 285 percent more than the average of $33.9 million spent by consumers across these publishers in Q1 2014. The App Store’s average has grown 291 percent since then, while Google Play’s has increased 289 percent.

The Disparity Grows Wider for Non-Gaming Revenue

Looking specifically at the 100 highest-earning publishers of non-gaming apps, we found that the difference in average consumer spending between the App Store and Google Play is far greater. Consumers spent an average of $23.3 million in apps from the App Store’s top non-gaming publishers last quarter, compared to $7 million on Google Play. This represented a 232 percent difference, with the top non-gaming publishers on Apple’s platform earning 3.3 times as much as their Google Play counterparts on average. The combined top 100 earning non-gaming publishers across both stores grossed an average of $29 million during Q1.

Average Revenue Per Top 100 Non-Gaming App Publishers Q1 2019