Amazing Facts About Mobile App Development
August 11 2019 0 Comment

Mobile Apps have become one of the most engaging platforms in the business field.

Everyone depends on their mobile apps for communication, payment, rewards, and entertainment. There are billions of apps, and they generate billions of dollars with the right application software. For having the right software, you need professional software developers who are trained to choose right from wrong.

For businesses, mobile app development is becoming a necessity to keep up with consumer’s needs. Mobile application development is a very broad field which if done right will help increase your awareness.

Here are some facts about Mobile App Development which is sure to leave you shocked.

  1. Mobile apps are used more than websites. The most downloaded app of all time is Facebook. This shows the importance of social media and has many implications for marketers.
  2. The number of downloads from the Android Play Store is significantly higher than the App Store.
  3. A common assumption is that mobile applications are used less compared to websites. Good app design is essential because there are different operating systems and different programming languages.
  4. Developing mobile apps on multiple platforms is essential in gaining the widest potential audience and maximizing earning potential.
  5. iOS is the platform most developers use first and also iOS is a superior competitor to Android.
  6. Android is the most bought mobile operating system in the world.
  7. As of 2019, over 2 million apps are available for download on the Google Play store, while 1.83 million apps are available on the Apple App Store.

A good mobile app design is important in establishing a good brand. Without a good design, no matter the platform you use, the app isn’t going to get very far. These facts go on to prove that good design equals continuing development of the business.

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