5 Apps to make life in the UAE easy
August 17 2019 0 Comment

The UAE has positioned itself as a country of the future, so it goes without saying that there are plenty of technology-based tools available to make our lives here that much easier. From apps to help you get around to some that offer fantastic deals and discounts on food and fitness, and even one that will deliver you petrol – here are the smartphone apps that will save you time and money, whether you’ve been here for five years or five minutes.

Check out more information about each Apps below:

  1. Zomato – You’ll never need to prepare a meal again. While there are a few meal delivery apps to choose from in the UAE (Deliveroo, Talabat, CareemNow are all popular) Zomato is our tried-and-tested favourite. One bonus is that it uses GPS rather than asking for location every time, and offers instant confirmation that the restaurant has received the order and can deliver it. Once accepted, you get a fairly accurate estimate of the delivery time, and real-time updates on the status of your order. If there are any issues with processing or delivery, a Zomato operator is on standby to quickly intervene on your behalf and will call to let you know what is happening. Careful though, Zomato addiction is a real thing here.
  2. Helpling ME – Sometimes things get away from you, and all of a sudden you realise you need a cleaner straight away. Helpling ME promises to “book a cleaner in Dubai in just 60 seconds”. The service is offered for Dh35 per hour, with a three-hour minimum, and charges for extras such as ironing or cleaning out the stove or refrigerator. You can even pay for the staff extra to bring their own cleaning materials, and it is easy to order cleaners on a one-time or recurring basis, either weekly or every other week. The app was once only available in Dubai, but luckily for residents in the capital, it’s since come to Abu Dhabi.
  3. Entertainer – This two-for-one app just keeps getting better and better. In your first few weeks in the UAE, you’re probably like to hear the phrase, “Is it on the Entertainer?” a fair few times, and because its sole purpose is to save you money, it’s a good one to acquaint yourself with fairly quickly.There are dining deals, as well as ones for fitness and activities (the theme park ones are great), and there are even ways to send unused offers to other people, too. Prices start from Dh495 for the basic package.
  4. Careem / Uber – While grabbing a taxi is arguably easier in the UAE than it is in many other places in the world, many prefer sticking with these ride-hailing apps. However, there are a few ins and outs to know before you try. While Uber wasn’t available in Abu Dhabi for a while, it’s now back. So in both emirates, you’ve got your choice between the two. There aren’t many huge differences between them, though Careem quite often have great discount offers. Within Uber, you have a choice of several different options – use UberX for a cheaper service, UberONE for “premium” electric cars, or Uber Chopper if you’re really keen to part with some cash and make an entrance on your weekly supermarket shop.  Both Uber and Careem are good choices for getting from A to B without having to wade out into oncoming traffic to flag a taxi down or having to worry about how much cash you are carrying (or having the correct change).
  5. Privilee  –Fancy taking advantage of the plethora of luxurious pools and beach clubs, or even gyms, housed in the city’s best hotels? Well, no longer do you have to pay for a staycation, just use Privilee. After paying the membership fee, this app offers unlimited access to over 50 pools and beach clubs across the UAE, over 56 five-star gyms and discounts at hundreds of affiliated restaurants. It now includes over 1000 free fitness classes, and access to sporting activities such as tennis and squash, and huge discounts on watersports and golf. Membership packages start at Dh529 per month.