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About Us

Sales Pro is developed by emQube LLC, a software company headquartered in Dubai and with a development center in Dubai. All products are made in the UAE.

About Us

Emqube LLC was established in 2003 to serve the business automation needs of a company in Dubai looking for customized solutions to run business operations and reporting.

Emqube products are built in collaboration with real-world experts who know how to run sales operations and have a vast experience in running successful teams. Emqube development philosophy is to build software that is easy to use and had innate intelligence to give more for lesser effort.

Emqube products serve small and medium enterprises ready to accept digital transformation in small steps with visible results. Our products are practical to use and provide the desired results.

Our customers are life-long partners and we provide responsive and affordable support.

Sales Pro philosophy is based on years of experience in managing a sales team for high performance and embodies the KPIs that will help to increase sales. It is highly focussed and has taken over 10 years to evolve to its present form.

Sales Pro is also an evolving product with successive versions incorporating the feedback and practical tips of salespeople. It is a product conceived for the sales team in the real world.

Companies that deploy Sales Pro take the first step towards a structured method of managing sales teams.