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emQube helps companies deploy modern management practices through effective use of information technology services and tools.


Harnessing the
Power of the Net for
Business Entities

Software Creation is an art, the art of creating a system that meets the aspirations of the users. And software development is a science, the science of ensuring logic credibility, system availability, application scalability and data accuracy of a solutions.

emQube is the confluence of the art and science of software development. It is an innovative, trusted and competent software company serving the higher purpose of harnessing the power of the net for business entities.

Since 2003, we have been serving enterprises across USA, Europe, India and the Middle-East for bespoke and packaged software solutions in multiple domains across different software platforms.

Head-quartered in Dubai with an onsite team of analysts, programmers and project managers, we offer regional companies the comfort and confidence of working with a local company.

Men minds methods

emQube is the exponential power of Men & Women, Minds, and Methods. We bring together our Capacity, Competency and Consistency to build software systems that serve your purpose and last long.