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We have two business lines managed independently by two teams.

The teams are headed by qualified leaders with experience and qualifications commensurate with their line of business. The teams complement each other in projects that require the confluence of art and science.


Software Development

Our complete software team is based in our own office in Dubai since our inception. Our qualified and skilled engineers have worked in prestigious companies in India and have domain expertise in Microsoft, Android and Apple technologies. We build made-to-order applications for business automation, workflows, and reporting dashboards.


Software Products

Our digital marketing team is based out of Dubai with production support from our web studio in Mumbai. Concepts, content, and calendars are planned in Dubai and executed with graphics, audio and video support from Mumbai. Our approach is holistic and prefer complete assignments including websites, SEO, online advertising and social content. Our software exposure gives our UX/UI an opportunity to serve other software companies and start-ups.