A simple daily planner for your full company

One Dirham per day per user

Plan your work, work your plan

  1. Write down your day's tasks

  2. Order it by priority

  3. Complete it and check it off

  1. Check your team's task

  2. Assign them tasks

1-3-5 To Do App

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Key Features
  • Quick and Easy to use

  • Assign tasks to team

  • Maintain a future task list

  • Move and copy tasks to future dates

  • Record time spent on each task

  • Monitor productivity through dashboards

  • No app to download

Major Benefits
  • Complete important tasks first

  • Build the habit of planning

  • Get a sense of daily accomplishment

  • Learn to plan better for teams

  • Company wide visibility for managers

The 1-3-5 Method

The 1-3-5 is a method for prioritizing the day's tasks in batches of 1,3 &5. The first task has to be done without fail, the next 3 tasks are important ones that are required to be completed, and the rest 5 tasks are lesser priority but would be good to complete, time permitting.

Prioritizing the tasks for the day is as important as planning the tasks. An unordered list of tasks for the day may follow a random order of completion giving rise to a day with a maximum number of tasks completed but not achieving the desired productivity if the important and significant tasks are not completed first in order of their priority.

The 1-3-5 method ensures that your daily productivity and sense of satisfaction for a day well-spent is maximum.

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